Come Home to Hudson

The Torah is not meant to be kept in isolation.

Exile yourself to a place of Torah, and do not assume that it will come after you, for it is your companions who will cause it to remain with you. (m.Avot 4:18)

To rise to the call of God on our lives, we must bond together in unity with our brothers and sisters in Messiah. We have to strengthen, nurture, and uphold one another in a loving community. The Torah guides us not just in how to live as individuals, but how to create an enclave of the Messianic kingdom here through fellowship. That's why Beth Immanuel exists, and wherever God places you, we hope that you rise to that call.

Torah, family, community, and kingdom: that's what's waiting for you at Beth Immanuel. 

What's so great about Hudson?

Listen to this teaching to find out why you should seriously pray about relocating to Hudson, Wisconsin to be a part of Beth Immanuel.

We Came Home

"We both feel that this is where God has led us to be and are certain we made the right decision to move to Hudson and become a part of Beth Immanuel. We have learned and grown so much spiritually at Beth Immanuel. It is fabulous to have community around us."

"Did I make the right decision? Unequivocally, yes. I made the right decision to move to Hudson. Since I have moved here, I’ve grown in confidence, I’m stronger emotionally, I have significantly progressed spiritually, and I’ve even improved socially."

"Being a part of this community has enabled me to better keep Shabbat and kosher, and to grow in discipleship to our Messiah. I know that Hudson is right where Hashem wants me to be."

"From the time I arrived, the community has been full of hospitality, from people praying for me to get a job to people reaching out to anyone who might know of an available job, from the people showing up to help me move in, to the people who patiently teach me Torah, it has shown me that this was the right decision."

"If you want the privilege to live in a community where other disciples of Yeshua want to learn more about our Master, or the chance to come alongside others on this walk of faith, then come home to Hudson."

"I have two things to say: One, I think this is a place we can grow spiritually as a family, and, two, do we have to wait a whole week to come back?"

Will you pray about coming to Hudson?

Beth Immanuel, Hudson, Wisconsin, and even Messianic Judaism are not for everyone. Life in any community takes commitment and sacrifice, and for some, Hashem has simply not opened the door. But please pray and ask God if this is a place where he wants you to be.

Also, join our Come Home to Hudson Facebook group to connect with other families that are considering the move or have already made it.