Make the Move

A Professional Mover

When we announced the Come Home to Hudson Campaign, a Messianic Jewish professional mover contacted us and offered his assistance. If you need help moving, contact Peter Sander. He is eager to help and wants to see the community at Beth Immanuel flourish. Find out more about how he can help.

Find a Job

We strongly advise you to have a source of income arranged before you make the transition. Here's a list of places to start your job search online.

Find a Home

Right around Beth Immanuel there are plenty of homes and apartments for rent as well as homes for sale. Take a look at this list to help you find the right home.

Relocation Information

The Hudson Chamber of Commerce wants to help take some of the stress out of your move by helping you prepare with a handy list of important contact information and a "Moving Checklist." Just download the PDF file below.

Will you pray about coming to Hudson?

Beth Immanuel, Hudson, Wisconsin, and even Messianic Judaism are not for everyone. Life in any community takes commitment and sacrifice, and for some, Hashem has simply not opened the door. But please pray and ask God if this is a place where he wants you to be.

Also, join our Come Home to Hudson Facebook group to connect with other families that are considering the move or have already made it.