The Burns Family from Woodbury, TN

Michael Burns: Before coming to Hudson, we lived in Woodbury, Tennessee, about an hour east of Nashville. In 1994 there was a Messianic rabbi on the Christian radio station, I listened to the program. He was saying some unbelievable things. I wanted to prove him wrong. The more I studied, the more it became apparent that Messianic Judaism was the way of the early believers.

Robin Burns: I was the reluctant spouse. I was not open to the newfound understanding. It took me eight years. I am blessed to have a very patient husband. Through that time the LORD continued to work in my life. We left the denomination that we grew up in …  I stopped trying to put God into a box of my own making. I began my time studying. As I understood one thing, it would shed light on another truth. I have now been on this amazing journey about thirteen years.

Michael: We did have fellowship with other Messianic groups. Although these groups were "Messianic", they were not open to looking at things from a Messianic Jewish context.

Robin: We did have limited fellowship with some Messianics. Each group had its own area of focus: the feasts, Zionism, different calendars, how the church had wronged us, etc. When we began to study, a friend shared FFOZ resources with us. As we studied we came to a different understanding of our faith. As our perspective grew, we found it difficult to relate to the Messianic congregations and groups in our area.

Michael: We felt isolated. We had no congregational fellowship with followers of Messiah the last four years before our move.

Robin: The isolation was terrible. If believers are the body of the Messiah and the body of Messiah is comprised of many parts, it requires people coming together. One family is not a community.

Michael: We learned about Beth Immanuel through FFOZ. In 2009 my wife and I came to Hudson for Rosh Hashanah, we immediately started thinking about moving but at the time our situation did not permit us … we began attending a non-Messianic synagogue. The people were nice and we learned a lot, but we knew that we could not sustain our family’s faith or future in a non-Messianic congregation. My family’s faith and future motivated me [to consider Hudson].

Robin: I knew we wanted to keep our faith strong and continue to grow. We had to have community. I wanted to deepen my own walk with God. The next generation would need a place to walk this journey out. In the Bible, I see that God wants to be involved in every area of our lives. I felt I needed to be willing to even uproot myself if necessary.

Michael: I loved Tennessee. I made it hard on God (in my mind) by placing certain requirements on him. I needed him to really show me. This included providing ways for us to prepare financially to move.

Robin: I prayed about this move too. We continued to make sure that we left no stone unturned. We wanted to make sure we felt the LORD directing us … I felt God impress on me that he would open the doors for us to move for a short amount of time. We would either make this move or lose the opportunity.

Michael: I moved at the end of August 2014 to secure employment, and with God’s help I was able to have the family here a few weeks later for Rosh HaShanah … I’m not worried about whether or not I made the right decision. When I see my children doing well here, it gives me the most reassurance.

Robin: Yes. I think we made the right decision … If you long to experience the Sabbath and the holy days each with its own season and rich traditions, or to stand in the sanctuary, look around, and see others worshipping the one true God. If you want the privilege to live in a community where other disciples of Yeshua want to learn more about our Master, or the chance to come alongside others on this walk of faith, then come home to Hudson.  


Will you pray about coming to Hudson?

Beth Immanuel, Hudson, Wisconsin, and even Messianic Judaism are not for everyone. Life in any community takes commitment and sacrifice, and for some, Hashem has simply not opened the door. But please pray and ask God if this is a place where he wants you to be.

Also, join our Come Home to Hudson Facebook group to connect with other families that are considering the move or have already made it.