Sheldon Wilson from Santa Maria, CA

I have always had a passion for the scriptures. I was blessed with godly parents who gave me a firm foundation in righteousness. Growing up, I had a Messianic Jewish mentor serving on staff in my church. He taught me the scriptures from a Jewish perspective and has been my mentor since. The understanding he planted within me grew into a desire to study Judaism, and to know and emulate my Jewish Messiah. My studies led me to find First Fruits of Zion. Their teaching inspired me to take my own Jewish observance seriously.

In 2013 I attended my first Shavuot conference in Hudson. There I encountered a hospitality and love beyond my expectation. The community was willing to stretch their own bounds of comfort to make sure I felt at home. Wow! I was already developing a strong desire to live in Hudson.

I visited again on Sukkot with the intent to spend more time with the community of Beth Immanuel without the added chaos of the conference. My first impression that they were friendly, sincere, and shared the same passion for the Kingdom was confirmed and my desire to become a part of the BI family solidified.

I had to leave a lot of people that I loved behind in my move. I don’t have the experience many have of being isolated. In California, I had mentors to guide me. Family and friends abounded. Why did I leave? I came to Hudson because I wanted to join with a community that exemplified the Kingdom of God in this present age. As Daniel Lancaster says, “This is not the Kingdom, but you can see it from here.”

Being a part of this community has enabled me to better keep Shabbat and kosher, and to grow in discipleship to our Messiah. I know that Hudson is right where Hashem wants me to be. I am a part of something bigger than myself here. Come join us!

Will you pray about coming to Hudson?

Beth Immanuel, Hudson, Wisconsin, and even Messianic Judaism are not for everyone. Life in any community takes commitment and sacrifice, and for some, Hashem has simply not opened the door. But please pray and ask God if this is a place where he wants you to be.

Also, join our Come Home to Hudson Facebook group to connect with other families that are considering the move or have already made it.