Rosh Hashanah Ingathering 5775

Yemenite Jew on Rosh HashanahYemenite Jew on Rosh HashanahJoin us at Beth Immanuel for a stellar Rosh Hashanah. Lots of prayer services, shofar blowing, tashlich at the Saint Croix, great food, much singing, and exciting teachings about Rosh Hashanah, the end times, the kingdom, and the second coming of our Master. 

Teachers D. Thomas Lancaster and Aaron Eby present: "Rosh HaShanah and the Trumpet of Messiah" Additional special speakers TBA. Contact us to RSVP.

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Paul's Epistle to the Romans

Epistle to the RomansEpistle to the Romans

Summer Bible Study at Beth Immanuel.

All roads lead to Rome, and all Bible studies eventually lead to Romans. Join us for a two-part study of the book of Romans.  Discover how a Messianic Jewish reading of the book of Romans pulls the epistle together and makes sense of otherwise seemingly disconnected arguments. This two-part study on the book of Romans divides into two ten-week segments. The first ten weeks, covering the first half of the epistle (Romans 1-8), begins Monday July 14. The second ten weeks, covering the last half of the epistle (Romans 9-16), will begin later in 2014. Classes meet in the library at Beth Immanuel, 828 3rd St, Hudson WI, Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM. (Please use the Orange Street Door.) Classes are free and open to the public. 

Born on the Ninth of Av

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Tisha beAvTisha beAvChristian tradition places the birth of Jesus on December 25. Some Messianic teachings associates the birth of Messiah with the first day of Sukkot, but one obscure story in the Jerusalem Talmud claims that Messiah was born on the day of the destruction of the Temple, the fast day of Tisha be'Av. Listen to this teaching about Tisha be'Av and the birth of hope.

D. T. Lancaster
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Light of the World

Troy Mitchell Light of the World Album Cover

Messianic musician, songwriter, and worship leader Troy Mitchell’s second release, “Light of the World,” captures the distant gleam of the spiritual light which will shine from Zion—the revelation of the kingdom. Mitchell delivers his signature blend of acoustic soul food, rock, reggae, gospel hope, and Chassidic joy in English, Hebrew, and Greek.