New Jerusalem and the Three Camps

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New JerusalemNew JerusalemWhat's the difference between Gan Eden, New Jerusalem, and Heaven? Study a surprising piece of late apostolic-era teaching which grants us a glimpse of the world to come. This discourse correlates Rashi's comments on parashat Naso, Numbers 5:2-4 with the mystical teaching of the elders preserved in Irenaeus Against Heresies 5.36.

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D. T. Lancaster
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Light of the World

Troy Mitchell Light of the World Album Cover

Messianic musician, songwriter, and worship leader Troy Mitchell’s second release, “Light of the World,” captures the distant gleam of the spiritual light which will shine from Zion—the revelation of the kingdom. Mitchell delivers his signature blend of acoustic soul food, rock, reggae, gospel hope, and Chassidic joy in English, Hebrew, and Greek.

What About the New Covenant

"I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah." (Jeremiah 31:31)

Does the New Covenant really replace the Old Covenant? Christian replacement theology is solidly based on a misunderstanding of the meaning of the new covenant. The church teaches that the new covenant cancels the Torah and God’s covenant with the Jewish people.