Ascension Day Service

Thursday May 14 is the fortieth day of the counting of the Omer and Ascension Day.

Beth Immanuel will conduct a special gathering on Erev Ascension Day, after the Wednesday night service, in the Green Room. Teaching, singing, snacks, and connection with the Master. Bring a kosher snack to share.

We will also honor the day of the ascension with a Shacharit worship service, Torah reading, and teaching at 6:00 AM on Thursday, May 14.

Beth Immanuel Plugged In

Plugged InPlugged InJoin us for Beth Immanuel Plugged In, a new midweek service featuring new songs and worship with Troy Mitchell and Friends, a children’s program, and all-new teachings from Pastor Lancaster. If you are in Western Wisconsin or the Twin Cities area, join us on Wednesday nights for powerful praise, worship, and teaching.

The new Wednesday night service format features

Finding the Seder in the Bible

Passover night is the intersection point for numerous biblical commands. What are these commands and how does the Seder, with the help of the traditional Haggadah, seek to accomplish them? 

The first part takes a basic, 101-level look at Passover and its basic biblical objectives. The second part takes a deeper look at the Scriptures and uncovers more subtle but no less important biblical goals for the night of Passover.

Guest speaker Aaron Eby at our Wednesday night Plugged In services, March 18 and 25, 2015.

Shavu'ot Conference

ShavuotShavuotBeth Immanuel is once more hosting the annual First Fruits of Zion National Conference over the weekend of Shavu'ot. 

This year's event focuses on the "vision" behind Messianic Judaism and the implications of our theology of Messianic Judaism for All Nations. 

To register for the conference, visit the First Fruits of Zion website at


The Vision — A Messianic Jewish Hashkafah

Unveiling the Universal Vision of Messianic Judaism

Join us this Shavu’ot and discover a truly Messianic Jewish vision: Messianic Judaism for All Nations, a worldview founded on the land, the people, and the Scriptures of Israel, regenerated in the resurrection of Yeshua, and looking toward the coming kingdom.