The Good Light

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A little light dispels a lot of darkness. Choose to see the good in things and you will see God. Learn a simple lesson about the concealed light of the first day of creation for Shabbat Bereishit.

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D. T. Lancaster
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Paul's Epistle to the Romans Part 2

Epistle to the RomansEpistle to the Romans

Fall Bible Study at Beth Immanuel.

All roads lead to Rome, and all Bible studies eventually lead to Romans. Join us for a two-part study of the book of Romans.  Discover how a Messianic Jewish reading of the book of Romans pulls the epistle together and makes sense of otherwise seemingly disconnected arguments. This two-part study on the book of Romans divides into two ten-week segments. The first ten weeks, covering the first half of the epistle (Romans 1-8). The second ten weeks, covering the last half of the epistle (Romans 9-16), will begin November 17, 2014. Classes meet in the library at Beth Immanuel, 828 3rd St, Hudson WI, Monday nights at 7:00 PM. (Please use the Orange Street Door.) Classes are free and open to the public.