Professional Mover Offers Help

When we announced the Come Home to Hudson Campaign, a professional mover contacted us and offered his assistance: 

Beth Immanuel's call to move to Hudson is inspiring. I love what Beth Immanuel is doing there, and I am so appreciative of your teachings. I am not in a place with my family where I can move, but I want to know if I can support what you are doing there. I have been working for many years in the moving business, and I would love to be a resource for people moving into Hudson. Whether it's connecting them with another moving service, reviewing move estimates, or sending one of my own move teams, there is a lot that I can do to help.  Please feel free to provide my name, phone number, and email address to anyone who needs help moving to Hudson from anywhere in the country (or the world). I have a strong service presence in the Midwest, particularly in Wisconsin and Michigan. — Peter Sander

Contact Peter Sander

Cell: 616.337.3501
Office: 800.748.0069

What Peter Can Offer

Approaching my twentieth (20th) year in the moving and storage industry, I am well-acquainted with the needs of families and households who are moving and the professionals who serve them.  I am the operations manager for an agent of United Van Lines (Denoyer Brothers Moving & Stg. Co.) and an agent for Mayflower Van Lines (Bayside Moving and Storage) with shared operations out of Traverse City, MI, and I have teams domiciled in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan along with a network of over five-hundred agents all throughout the country.  Moving families into Wisconsin and Michigan from anywhere in the country is my niche.  Moving quotes tend to be heavy on industry-specific jargon, and as a complimentary service to the community, I gladly offer a cost analysis of estimates from other service providers.  Similarly, if you are buying in Hudson, I can refer you to a real-estate agent who can help you transition into a new home.